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Ghee Honey Mysore Pak


Buy Home Made Ghee Honey Mysore Pak Online

Is infused with Rich Forest wild Honey which is healthy and organic and gives the Pleasant flavour and totally different experience.
FIA own creation

 Mysore pak is a delectable Indian sweet made from roasted gram flour and pure homemade ghee. A very traditional south Indian sweet is rich and makes a perfect sweet to be made for special occasions and festivals like Diwali.

History of Mysore Pak: Long Long time ago, in the Mysore Palace (in Karnataka, India), a petty little cook, made a dessert for the King. He made paagh (basically sugar syrup in the local language), then added gram flour and to make it rich and worthy for the king added loads of clarified butter to it. It dripped of butter, and glowed, the gram flour gave it the look of Gold, the sugar gave the King a rush and the entire ensemble made the King super duper happy. The King asked for the name of the desert and all the simple cook could say was Mysore Paagh ( Basically Sweet of Mysore). He was asked to open shop outside the palace and sell the Mysore Paagh, to all. The King wanted all his men to taste this.

No one knows when the Paagh became paak, and since then Mysore pak, is enjoyed by one and all. These days everyone loves to buy soft and melt in the mouth Ghee Honey ???? Mysore Pak from FIA  

·   Homemade. No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

Shelf Life: 10 to 15 days



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